Latest news
Researchers Secure NASA Funding for Robotic Search for Life Beneath Antarctica
Stone Aerospace reveals Project VALKYRIE details
Stone Aerospace wins Phase 2 funding for Project VALKYRIE
ENDURANCE featured on National Geographic's Explorer Series
ENDURANCE begins second season in Antarctica
NASA Approves ENDURANCE Upgrade Funding
ENDURANCE Antarctica Mission begins
Zacaton mission 3 begins
Zacaton mission 2 begins
Zacaton mission 1 begins
Stone Aerospace Hawaii
Joint Venture with New Vistas International
Stone Advocates Lunar Mining
2008 J2 Expedition Training Agreement
Stone Seminar at Google
DEPTHX takes flight
MK6 design contract signed
Zacaton Drop Sonde Mission
ARMADILLO WORKS – Austin HQ up and running
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Fat Man underwater propulsion vehicle ENDURANCE lands at Lake Bonney, Antarctica
Variable depth underwater habitat DEPTHX testing at the Applied Research Lab at UT
Bill Stone reads a paperback while spending 24 hours underwater using the MK1 rebreather Map of Wakulla Springs created using the Digital Wall Mapper MK1 rebreather
Latest news:

7 March 2016
Researchers Secure NASA Funding for Robotic Search for Life Beneath Antarctica

19 April 2012
Stone Aerospace reveals Project VALKYRIE details

19 May 2011
Stone Aerospace wins Phase 2 funding for Project VALKYRIE

17 January 2011
Bill Stone and Shackleton Energy mentioned in this article on lunar bases

13 January 2011
Bill Stone interviewed by regarding Shackleton Energy's plan to mine water on the moon

22 October 2010
Stone Aerospace mentioned in this Washington Post article about recent findings of NASA's LCROSS mission

19 April 2010
Bill Stone and Shackleton Energy Company featured in May 2010 Discover Magazine cover story (PDF)

9 April 2010
ENDURANCE second Antarctic field season featured in MSNBC article

24 March 2010
ENDURANCE featured on National Geographic's Explorer Series

6 October 2009
ENDURANCE AUV Begins Second Season in Antarctica

6 June 2009
IEEE publishes article Mining the Moon, written by Dr. Bill Stone

5 June 2009
NASA Approves Upgrade Funding for Endurance 2009 Antarctic Field Season

22 May 2009
First Antarctic field season of ENDURANCE featured in Antarctic Sun, newsletter of the U. S. Antarctic Program

26 November 2008
ENDURANCE AUV Begins Antarctica Mission at Lake Bonney, Taylor Valley, Antarctica

1 July 2008
ENDURANCE AUV Passes U.S. Government Deployment Readiness Review - Off to Antarctica

21 June 2008
ENDURANCE AUV Tested at NASA's Neutral Bouyancy Lab (NBL)/Space Act Agreement

3 March 2008
Stone Aerospace commercializes new underwater rebreather for Poseidon Systems in Sweden

1 March 2008
Endurance Website up and running at University of Illinois at Chicago (see logo)

29 February 2008
Time Magazine article describes Ice Diver (ENDURANCE Antarctica Preparation)

14 February 2008
Scientific American Magazine article cites recent Endurance tests in Wisconsin

13 February 2008
Endurance AUV Ice Mission Cited in Madison Capitol Times (Wisconsin)

11 February 2008
Endurance AUV Deployed to Lake Mendota (Wisconsin) for Under-ice Trials Prior to Shipment to Antarctica

30 November 2007
AUVSI  publishes significant article on Stone Aerospace projects in Unmanned Systems magazine
"Visionary Counting on Unmanned Vehicles" by Richard Tuttle;  Volume 25, No. 6, Nov/Dec 2007, pgs 25-27 (correction).

20 Nov 2007
Stone Aerospace Offered Opportunity by the NSF to House Endurance AUV in NASA-sponsored Inflatable Habitat in Antarctica

24 September 2007 
IEEE "Swimming to Europa" article cites DEPTHX accomplishments in Mexico (Jean Kumagai)

30 Jun 2007 
TED Conference Organizers Post Bill Stone's Exploration Presentation (Must See)

5 June 2007
Antarctic underground lakes to be studied (United Press International)

31 May 2007
NASA Robot Completes Test Drive of Exploration Capabilities (NASA Press Release)

16 May 2007 
History of Mexico's deepest unexplored underwater sinkhole
(more information at,,, and wikipedia)

16 May 2007 
Underwater robot tested at Mexican lake (Canadian Press)

15 May 2007
Science: NASA's New Robot (Washington Post/Ceci Connolly)

14 May 2007
Mexican Sinkhole May Lead NASA to Jupiter (Washington Post)

3 May 2007 
ENDURANCE Project approved by NASA

2 May 2007 
DEPTHX being readied for final expedition to the world's deepest water-filled cavern (El Zacaton Cenote)

19 April 2007
NASA News: Antarctic Lake Robot Probe Sets Sights on Outer Space

16 March 2007
DEPTHX successfully completes second test mission in Mexico -- Zacaton next

14 March 2007 interviews StoneAerospace on lunar program.

13 March 2007
StoneAerospace issues press release on Shackleton Energy Company for LEO refueling stations

Bill Stone captured at TED conference.

10 March 2007
Stone invited to speak at the Technology Entertainment Design conference.

Bill Stone quoted at TED Conference, Monterey, CA.

Huffington Post cites Stone's remarks on exploration at TED Conference.

6-15 March 2007
DEPTHX team returns to Mexico for second round of checkout dives.

The University of Texas featured the test series in their current newsletter.

1 March 2007
Press release (Carnegie Mellon University): NASA's robotic sub readies for dive into earth's deepest sinkhole.

Popular Science describes DEPTHX mission to Mexico

Deep/Underwater cave environments: comments by William Stone at the First NASA Risk and Exploration Symposium.

DEPTHX expedition to Mexico gets foreign recognition. Read an article on

Watch a DEPTHX project video (en Español).

Read an article on

CBC NEWS (Canada) tracks DEPTHX progress in Mexico.

28 Feb 2007
MSNBC chronicles DEPTHX progress in Mexico cavern exploration.

February 2004
National Geographic highlights Stone's Mexican expedition in preparation for an assault on the Moon.

For your attention:
Bill Stone published a second book entitiled "Beyond the Deep".
Read about "The Deadly Descent into the World's Most Treacherous Cave"
(ISBN 0-446-52709-2, Warner Books, signed copies of which are available here).