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Fat Man underwater propulsion vehicle ENDURANCE lands at Lake Bonney, Antarctica
Variable depth underwater habitat DEPTHX testing at the Applied Research Lab at UT
Bill Stone reads a paperback while spending 24 hours underwater using the MK1 rebreather Map of Wakulla Springs created using the Digital Wall Mapper MK1 rebreather
News: Stone Aerospace Advocates Commercial Mining of the Moon

15 January 2007:

    Dr. William Stone, President of Stone Aerospace, has been a staunch advocate that industry, not Government, must lead the exploration and mining of the moon for fuels. These fuels, such as water, ammonia and methane, have a high probability of existing on the moon in very large quantities and would provide the feedstock for low earth orbit (LEO) refueling stations. These orbiting “gas stations” would provide energy supplies to open the space frontier as never before for untold science, security and commercial applications. Stone makes the analogy that “gold” opened the West and “water” will open the Heavens. “We want to be there first to take advantage of the opportunity to accomplish what many believe is impossible,” Stone told reporters recently.
To achieve his goal, Stone has formed the Shackleton Energy Company (SEC) as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Piedra-Sombra Corporation to initiate the program. Stone believes that only the most bold, forward-thinking, financially-secure investors will understand the opportunity and come forward to join the team. SEC is now seeking global investors who share the vision and passion to open this frontier in a very aggressive, methodical way as our forefathers did during the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Popular Science magazine described this new venture in their February 2007 issue.

The original Stone proposal to the Bush Administration was rejected, but is still the foundation of the SEC initiative. It is entitled “The Shackleton Crater Expedition: A Lunar Commerce Mission in the Spirit of Lewis and Clark.” While the original Shackelton proposal advocated Government support and funding, the current SEC approach is radically different in which SEC will pursue a purely international commercial partnership venture.

To initiate this new program, Dr. Bill Stone will be the CEO of SEC and Mr. Dale Tietz will the President and COO.

Explorer Bill Stone: "The traditional approach to space exploration has been to carry all the fuel you need, and to carry everybody back in case of emergency. But to prime the pump that will take us beyond, boldness is required: the first expeditionary team must travel to the Moon without the fuel to come back, and produce it there. It can be done in 7 years, and I intend to lead that expedition. There was a time when people did bold things to open new frontiers. We have collectively forgotten that. Now we are at a time when boldness is required again."