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Fat Man underwater propulsion vehicle ENDURANCE lands at Lake Bonney, Antarctica
Variable depth underwater habitat DEPTHX testing at the Applied Research Lab at UT
Bill Stone reads a paperback while spending 24 hours underwater using the MK1 rebreather Map of Wakulla Springs created using the Digital Wall Mapper MK1 rebreather
Manned and Unmanned Propulsion Systems

From a robotics standpoint, thrusters and propulsion systems are the “actuators” that serve as the implementation systems for intelligent control. We have specialized in designs as simple as variable thrust, ultra-long range DPVs (manned Diver Propulsion Vehicles) to systems as sophisticated as the 6-thruster 4 DOF 1,000 meter-rated AUV known as DEPTHX, which exhibits tightly constrained autonomous 3D velocity control, position and attitude control, prox-ops (wall following), and auto-docking.

These same vehicle behaviors (combined with in-depth experience at Stone Aerospace in GN&C systems, 3D Imaging systems, and real-time code) can be applied to delta-V and RCS attitude control systems for industrial space vehicles using liquid, solid, hypergolic, and cold gas thruster systems. For underwater systems we will design and fabricate to customer performance specifications as well as conduct CFD hydrodynamic drag and prop efficiency analyses of candidate systems for customers.



For industrial space customers, we will design, integrate, and test delta-V and RCS attitude control systems. We are familiar with both hardware and electronics space rating procedures and can provide full on-orbit vehicle kinematics simulation and state vector tracking.

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