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3D Imaging and Mapping
Custom LADAR Systems
Down-Hole 3D Imager
Mobile Underwater 3D Wall Mapper
Sonar Mapping and Obstacle Avoidance System
Autonomous Vehicles and Systems
AUV Propulsion Controller
Guidance Navigation and Control Systems
Leak Detector System for AUVs
Unmanned Vehicle System Executive
Variable Buoyancy Engine
Closed-Cycle Life Support (ECLSS and PLSS)
Cis-Lunar MK5 PLSS
Head Up Displays for PLSS Units
Manned Closed Cycle O2 Control Systems
Manned ECLSS CO2 Processors
Custom LCD Displays and Firmware
Manned and Unmanned Propulsion Systems
Mobile and Portable Power Systems
High Density Vehicle Power Systems
Lightweight Portable Li-Ion Power Systems
Through-Rock Communications and Localization Systems
Smart Devices



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Fat Man underwater propulsion vehicle ENDURANCE lands at Lake Bonney, Antarctica
Variable depth underwater habitat DEPTHX testing at the Applied Research Lab at UT
Bill Stone reads a paperback while spending 24 hours underwater using the MK1 rebreather Map of Wakulla Springs created using the Digital Wall Mapper MK1 rebreather

We design, integrate, test, and deliver custom hardware, software, and systems from hand-held devices to manned and autonomous vehicles. We generally work in the range of rapid prototyping (a dozen or fewer prototypes) to small and medium production lot manufacturing. The links below provide examples of hardware and software we’ve successfully built and fielded. While any of these products could be duplicated in small or medium production for interested customers, in general we tailor our designs to the customer’s needs -- and can do so rapidly by “cannabalizing” from our extensive in-house CAD and software / firmware libraries. We maintain a broad manufacturing network with whom we directly ship electronic fabrication drawings and specifications. In general we can turn designs into hardware (both physical system components as well as custom processor PCBs and displays) in less than a month, sometimes half that time for standard fabrication processes and 1-week turn around for SLA and SLS prototyping.